How to change your address.


Basically, one might want to change his/her postal address in case one is relocating to a new place or want to rent a post office box.

Below are various ways and method you can use to make a change in address.

A) you can change the address online
This is the most easiest and convenient way of changing a postal address.
•First, Go to website or
This is the website where one can easily be able to change his/her address
•Next, accept term and conditions of the website and insert your details.
•One you are done you will get an email confirmation immediately confirming the change of the address you have made.
•To be able to successfully change the postal address online, one is required to pay a small fee of one us dollar, and hence this make it necessary for one to have credit or a debit card.
•The one dollar charge act as a verification fee to ensure that there is no fraud, and also act as a confirmation that you are the one that is making a change.
•You should be very careful of skimmers who charges much fee to change a postal address.

2) You can also change a postal address manually through PS form 3575, which is found in a movers Guide packet and it’s requested in a local postal office.

•After receiving the form, fill it with the necessary details required so that you can be able to change the address as you require.
Go to your local post office and request a Mover’s Guide packet.

•Inside the movers Guide packet there is PS Form 3575. Fill the form with the address changes you want to be made.Then drop in the already filled forms in a local postal office.
•Expect a confirmation letter within in your new address within a period of five working days.

3) How one can temporally change a mailing address.
•Though this service is not available in all postal offices, its possible to change your address temporally for some time.

•In a such a situation a post office is supposed to hold your mail until you resume your premises, assuming probably you are not around for that specific time you have asked your postal office to hold your mails.

4) How one can cancel or change an address request.

•You can request to stop or make some changes in address request.
√This request require a confirmation number you received either through email or through the letter when you made the initial request of changing the address.
•After that you can cancel or make the address changes you want online.

5) you can also change the address through other government agency.
Apart from postal office you can also be able to change your address through contacting government agency like ÷

A)Internal Revenue Service.
In case you expect a tax refund or any other mail, you can contact the internal revenue service to change your address.

B) veteran department affairs.
In case you are a veteran who receives benefits payment or in need of you record update you can contact VA department for the change.