Moving or traveling can be a very stressful thing!

There are numerous items of concern but wonder “How long does the USPS fonfvard mail after a change of address?” should not be one of them.


Long-term or temporary change of addresses both are eligible for mail and package forwarding. Learn more fromĀ

USPS temporary change of address forwarding has a few different options to fit your needs. The service can be for as little as 15 days or up to one year which must be completed at 6 month intervals with clear beginning and end dates. If you have any concerns about missing something the USPS also offers a Premium Forwarding Service. This service cost $18.45 to enroll and $20.10 per week for as long as you require the service. With this service the local postal office will hold all your mail, package it, and sent it to your forwarded address in a weekly priority shipment.

The forwarding services offered through USPS are completed online which can be reached through the following link, ( Once online the website will direct you through some questions and you may be required to create a sing in account if you do not already have one. There is a minimal, $1 dollar fee which can be paid using credit card and is used for identification verification. Once the services have been completed the USPS will send you a conformation e-mail and a welcome kit to the new address with coupons from their partners. It is also possible to enroll for change of address services at your local postal office, but be sure to bring at least two forms of identification and proof of residency from your primary address.


Once you have accomplished the task of changing your address, how long will things take? According to the USPS website a permanent or long-term change of address can take anywhere from 7-10 business days, meaning it may take up two weeks before you start to see that everything is completely forwarded and arriving at your new address. Recommendations for speeding up this process include changing your address with as many correspondences as possible, that would be sending you something important through the mail. Once the post office files your long-term change of address their policy is to keep this information at the local office for a minimum of ONE YEAR. At the end of one year they will notify you through the e-mail you provided when changing your address that the one year is expiring. If for any reason after one year you are still concerned about not receiving something the postmaster can extend this forwarding for an additional year. To qualify for this additional year you must prove to the postal service that you may ensue some sort of financial hardship by not continuing to have mail forwarded and prove that you have made reasonable efforts to contact and update correspondences of your new long-term address.

All mail generally falls into this one year forwarding. The exceptions to this rule are periodicals such as magazines and newsletters. These are only forwarded for 60 days. It is your responsibility to make sure you update these companies with your new permanent address within 60 days to maintain services.