Food is one thing that we can’t live without. Everybody loves food and especially if it’s good food. We all have our favorite food, be it burgers, French fries, pizza, grilled chicken, pasta, lasagna just to mention a few. I can go on and on about food because I do love food, hence you can call me a foodie. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. Whichever category you are, food is involved.

Brisbane is an emerging hot spot for good food joints which can be seen on Be it fine dining or casual dining, you can never miss a spot to indulge your taste buds.Due to the quality of local produce, Brisbane offers a variety of food that is of high quality making it a hot spot for foodies.International cuisines are popular in Brisbane, there is Asian cuisine, European cuisine, American cuisine and Mexican cuisine. There is something for everyone.

This brings me to discussing the best food in Brisbane.

1. KFC

We all love our KFC but in Brisbane you will enjoy a KFD which basically stands for Kentucky Fried Duck. This deliciously fried duck will make you ask for more. It comes with a side of coleslaw.

2. Black garlic bread

Yes, I said black. Wipe that cringe off your face. It is black because it includes garlic and vanilla. This black garlic bread is enjoyed as a dessert due to its sweet yet savoury nature.

3. Sand crab lasagne

We all have different ways of making the lasagne. This signature dish that is served at Il centro in Brisbane is just the best. This sand crab lasagne is an Italian dish with a Queensland twist.

4. Pizza tartufo

Tartufo is an Italian word meaning truffle. The crust of this signature pizza is stuffed with pork sausage and truffle paste. Why not indulge and see for yourself how good this pizza is.

5. Aussie Asian eggs

You cannot go to Brisbane and not try the Aussie Asian eggs for breakfast. It is a fusion of bacon, tiger prawn, deep fried eggs with shizu cress, chili and oyster sauce. We all love a good breakfast and as we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

6. Lion King roll

Katobuki in Brisbane has the best Lion King roll. This roll will make you feel like the king of the jungle. This roll is made of avocado, cucumber and crab rolled up in fresh salmon, dressed with mayo and cheese then blow torched to perfection. The best part is that it’s made fresh to order.

7. Duck tacos

Please don’t miss out on this delicious meal. Consists of duck pieces, coleslaw with shredded cucumber on top and a signature dressing. It goes well with pickled cheeseburger martini. They are served on a cute mini food truck. Red hook will really hook you up with these delicious tacos.

8. MK special

This burger is a top seller at Miss Kay’s. It is a combo of soft slightly sweet bun, American cheese and perfectly made patty. Added to it is onion ring and maple bacon, tantalizing isn’t it?

I can go on and on about the best food in Brisbane. There is a lot of food to try and the above mentioned is just a fraction of what you can choose eat.

All this food talk is making my mouth water and my stomach rumble. Why don’t you make a trip to Brisbane and indulge in some of the best finger licking food. Your stomach will thank you.