Tips on Avoiding Conflict Diamonds Purchase

If you are planning to buy diamonds for your engagement or for any other occasion, you may come across with a term “blood” or “conflict” diamonds. Conflict diamonds are the diamonds that are obtained illegally by rebels and sold to finance terrorism, wars, warlord’s activity, and other such conflicts.

In order to keep these diamonds in the open market, the Kimberley process Certification System was introduced in 2002, in which reputable ring manufacturers, jewelers, and suppliers agree that they sell these blood or conflict diamonds. Perhaps, if you are also looking to avoiding conflict diamonds, then the most important thing you need is to ask for proof to your jeweler. Any leading or reputable retailer will not hesitate to provide you proof of the origins of these diamonds and that is why you should always ask for an appraisal or a certificate for a diamond.
Kimberley Process for Avoiding conflict diamonds off the Market
As mentioned above, you should buy diamond after it has been gone through the Kimberley Process. This is a well-regarded joint program uniting non-profit, corporations and government organizations with the motive of restricting the production of a conflict diamond. The process used government certificates and tamper-resistant containers when diamonds are shipped. It also prohibits exporting diamonds to the non-Kimberly process countries. Currently, approximately 81 countries including all EU member states, the U.S and Russia are the members and the largest diamond producer in the world.
Tips for Avoiding Conflict Diamonds in your Diamond Rings
There is both good and bad news related to these blood diamonds. The Good news is these are quite rare as compared they were just a few decades ago and the bad news is they are still in the market. Perhaps, no one likes to help fund any illicit activity or a violent civil war, so here are a few tips that can help you to buy non-conflict diamond.
• Avoid purchasing from showy jewelry website- There are many websites that can sell you cheap replicas of expensive designer jewelry. These companies often use conflict diamonds.
• Purchase from Canada- When buying diamonds, ensure that they have been mined in Canada or you can visit a Canadian Jewelry Company to save yourself buying conflict diamonds.
• Written Guarantee- Apart from asking your jeweler for certifications, ask your jeweler for a guarantee in written that they are offering conflict-free diamonds to you. This written guarantee gives you peace of mind that you are not buying conflict diamonds.
• Lab Created Diamonds- The only guarantee that you can trust 100% is insured to buy a lab created diamonds. The diamonds made must be certified by the Kimberley process. If it is not, then avoid buying diamonds even if it is sold by a reputed retailer.
• Be cautious of Older Diamonds- In previous years, the rates of conflict diamonds were much higher that means an older diamond is more prone of being tainted.
When buying diamond rings for your engagement or to gift your loved ones, it is important to ensure that the diamonds are not conflicted.