What Is A Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is the process of removing any of the visible hair from the bikini area or other area of the body that contains hair, for example, the underarms. This give the answer to what is a brazilian wax. The treatment is performed by an authorized esthetician, and the typical timeframe for a Brazilian waxing treatment is between 15 to 20 minutes. The treatment is finished inside a reasonably fast period of time, and the client by and large encounters moderate levels of pain. However, the pain is not unbearable; it is similar to the pain experienced from a typical eyebrow arch waxing procedure.

Preparation Time
Most estheticians require their clients to wear a paper covering or some other form of loose drape, enabling the esthetician to easily access the area that will undergo the waxing procedure. Before applying the wax to the area, the esthetician will test the temperature of the wax to make sure the wax is not too hot for the client’s skin. Upon completing the temperature test, the esthetician will clean the area with a cleaning solution and a dry towel. Depending on the length of the client’s hair, the esthetician may also trim the hair before applying the wax to ensure that the follicles are a uniform length. Some clients also choose to trim the area before the appointment but leave at least a ΒΌ inch of hair, which makes it easier for the wax to remove the hair. It is also beneficial to wash the area with an exfoliating scrub within 24 to 48 hours before the Brazilian wax treatment and avoid applying lotions or creams prior to the appointment.

Applying the Wax
After the esthetician prepares for the beauty treatment, he or she will apply talcum powder to the area, which helps to easily remove the wax from the skin. The wax will be applied with a wooden stick and quickly removed from the skin with thin paper strips. Before removing, the esthetician will apply slight pressure over the paper before removing the paper. To clear all traces of the hair from the area, the esthetician may repeat the wax application a few times and possibly trim any remaining hair. Afterwards, the area will appear slightly sensitive, and individuals with extra sensitive skin may experience tenderness or redness. Most estheticians will immediately apply a mild lotion or cream to calm the inflammation to the skin. However, the after effects of a Brazilian wax procedure are only temporary. The skin will return to normal within one to two days following the treatment.

Post Treatment
After completing a Brazilian waxing treatment, it is better to avoid exposure to the sun to the affected area for a day. The area should experience minimal to no heat for the remainder of the day. Hence, it is helpful to avoid hot baths or saunas. Skin exfoliating creams and scrubs help to diminish the likelihood of having rashes or bumps in the area. Also, cortisone cream can help calm the inflammation after a Brazilian wax treatment. To maintain the effect of a Brazilian, most individuals get a Brazilian wax treatment every four to six weeks.